Medium & Heavy Section Mill – Bahrain

SULB’s Medium & Heavy Section Mill is a modern state of the art fully automated rolling mill with a capacity of 600 KTY (Thousand Tons per Year) designed and built incorporating the latest technology.

Re-Heating Furnace:

With the added value of being downstream of SULB’s Melt Shop CCM (Continuous Casting Machine) to ensure the availability of feedstock and semis into weekly and monthly plans to satisfy Customer requirements. The Re-Heating Furnace is a modern state of the art appliance that utilises technology to meet Local and International Environmental requirements.

Rolling Process:

SULB’s rolling mill operations use modern cutting edge technology with fully automated processes that have Customer Quality designed into its equipment and standards. Control and precision of mill equipment allows the most stringent customer requirements to be delivered.

The mill benefits from the latest tension control equipment that delivers consistent tight tolerances demanded in the section business. Hot saws that maximise product run out to allow full optimisation of primary feedstock to ensure customer orders are completed in full and to specification.

Cooling Process:

Cooling Process`s that ensure even cooling distribution and reduce cooling deformation to allow very high straightness tolerances required in today’s market.

Straightening Process:

Straightening to International Standards and meeting the most stringent Customer requirements.

SULB is committed to supply innovative steel solutions that add real value to Our customers operations.